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My story.

My mission.

I am Lena Ramfelt and I love working with entrepreneurs! Doesn't matter if they are in the Himalayas or Stockholm. Doesn't matter if they are building toilets in Africa, disrupting the travel industry from an HQ in Amman, or designing beautiful toy houses in Los Angeles. I just love being in the trenches with you where it all happens, sharing my experiences, and assisting you in becoming successful in your business.


I am professionally raised at Stanford University, during a period when things were both good and bad in Silicon Valley. I learned a lot from teaching, advising companies (big, small, successful, not at all successful, old, and new) during those years. I was in the trenches for almost 15 years. Not that I understood that, that insight came later.


I support, suggest, and listen more than I talk when I have the pleasure of working with entrepreneurs. At heart, I am an educator, and my philosophy here in the trenches is to always be relevant and to make a difference in the lives of all hard-working entrepreneurs.


I am joining you "in-the-trenches" because I know that that’s where I can make a difference, in the daily challenges that face an entrepreneur. In this blog, I want to offer my suggestions and guidance to any entrepreneur who has a little bit of time to read, digest, and hopefully put them into practice.

"In-the-trenches" is where I always prefer to be - come winter or summer, come rain or shine; in my kayak, out running, skiing, swimming, and skating, or hiking in the goregous forrest close to me or in far away places. 

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In the trenches for you, to make you succeed as an entrepreneur


PS This blog has been set up with the help of Kerstin Svanberg. Kerstin is also taking care of daily admin tasks in the Trenches. If you discover any glitches or have suggestions for improvements, please reach out to her here.

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