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Creative Startups


Creative Startups work with entrepreneurs in the so-called creative economy: chefs, educators, film producers, artists, graphic designers, authors, and many many more.


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DaVinci Ventures


DaVinci Ventures' ambition is to close the gap of funding for creative entrepreneurs by positioning a fund in the category of pre-seed investors. We agree with DaVinci Ventures. Without a doubt, creatives can grow incredibly amazing, relevant, cool businesses with the support of smart investors!


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Women in Business Arabia (WiBA)


Women in Business Arabia (WiBA) is a growing network and virtual community of 42,000+ professional Jordanian and Arab women from diversified experiences, backgrounds, and industries. WiBA’s mission is to connect, support and celebrate Arab women in business through democratizing knowledge and digitizing technical assistance. WiBA designs its programs and strategies through spider-webbing with ecosystem partners because WiBA believes that success is an outcome of collaborations. In doing so, WiBA is guided by the voices of its members.


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